Belmont Equipment & Technologies
Belmont US Headquarters

! Research and/or development of products for use in EDM.
! Design and/or build custom EDM electrodes & tooling.
! Sawing, Turning, CNC Milling and Grinding EDM Electrodes.
! Filtration Systems for Wire, Sinker, Small Hole EDM.
! EDM Consulting

PRODUCTS - Everything for EDM@

Graphites: POCO, and Ameri-Graph. Available in pre-ground Blanks, Rods, Plates, Tapping Electrodes, Tubing, Large Rounds and Large Blocks.

EDM Wire: OKI Wire available in "MOS" developed for Mitsubishi machines, "Z" Zinc CoatedAPSX@ High-Speed Brass, AP@ Full Hard Brass, and AB@ Half Hard Brass. Strati-Cut-X Stratified Wire for Charmilles machines;  Compeed & Ameri-Brass Plus Steel Cored Brass; Tungsten and Moly Wires.

EDM Supplies/Accessories

Wire Guides, Power Feed Contacts, Filter Cartridges, Flush Cups, Resin, Tooling and Rust Inhibitors. Westhoff Drilling Machines, EDM Dielectric Fluids, Coolant Drills, Ebbco Filter Systems, Adhesives, Babbitrite, Tapping Attachments, EDM Surface Comparators, Vacuum Chucks, Tubing Chucks, Dust Collectors, Flushing Lines, CVDD Cutting Tools and much, much more.

Capital Equipment

Maxicut Sinker EDM Machines; Manual, ZNC,  CNC & Custom Built Models. Astec  High Speed EDM Drills; Manual to full CNC versions with electrode changers and 5 axes. Maxicut High Speed Drills; quality, economical, high speed drilling machines. Aqua Prima Wire EDM Filtration Systems; fully automatic systems & individual filter systems for water based coolants. Transor Sinker EDM Filtration Systems; fully automatic for oil based coolants. Reverse Flow Filtration Systems, fully automatic for the Rolling Mill Industry.